CTF Performance joins the Ligier European Series in the JS2 R category

News – February 10, 2021

Following its 2020 title-winning campaign in the Ligier JS Cup France AM Championship with the Ligier JS2 R, the French CTF Performance team is ready to take the next step in a European series. For 2021, it will enter its #95 Ligier JS2 R in the Ligier European Series with drivers Nicolas Béraud and Fabien Delaplace and is busy working to field a second entry.

Created in 2011 by Aurélien Sire and Guillaume Revenu, CTF Performance got started in hill climb events and local rallies before making a successful transition to single-make series and the 24H SERIES. Since 2016, the team has claimed at least one title per year with the Elite title in the Lamera Cup in 2016 and 2017, the Gentleman crown in the Lamera Cup from 2017 to 2020 and the 2018 24H Series Continents crown in the SP3 category.

In 2020, it made its debut in the series reserved for the Ligier JS2 R, the Ligier JS Cup France. And another success was immediate. In its first year it won the Am Championship with Nicolas Béraud and Fabien Delaplace at the controls of the #95 Ligier JS2 R.

For 2021, it will be the same car and same crew but with a new challenge in the Ligier European Series.

Aurélien Sire, Team Manager CTF Performance: “We’re always looking for new challenges and it was with enthusiasm that we, with our drivers, decided to enter this championship! 2019 allowed us to try out different cars to find the most suitable one to take us to the next level with our drivers. The choice of the Ligier JS2 R came very quickly. In 2020, our duo of Nicolas Béraud and Fabien Delaplace joined the Ligier JS Cup France in order to familiarise themselves with the car. And we won the Am category championship! In view of these very conclusive results, it became obvious to us to join the Ligier European Series this year. Our two drivers being both categorised as “FIA Bronze”, our objective is very simple: to win yet another title this year!”

And the team doesn’t intend to stop there. It is currently looking for another crew to enter a second Ligier JS2 R in the Ligier European Series and plans to join the 24H SERIES this year also with a Ligier JS2 R equipped with its endurance kit.

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Photo Credit: Grégory Cavazzini / CTF Performance