Technical and Sporting Regulations

The Ligier European Series is reserved to the Ligier JS P4 and the Ligier JS2 R.

2021 Calendar

In 2021, the Ligier European Series will take place over six rounds, six “Heats” during the European Le Mans Series events. One more heat than in 2020!

Track Sessions

Free practice : 90 minutes

Qualifying : 2 x 15 minutes

Race : 2 x 1 hour of race

The free practice and the qualifying sessions will take place on Fridays, the race on Saturdays: one race in the morning and the other one in the afternoon.

Composition of driving crews

A maximum of two drivers will be authorised per car. The eligible drivers are Bronze or Silver. Drivers entering for a race won’t have to be categorised by the FIA and will be categorised for the event in which they are taking part.

Registration Fee

Entry for the season

The registration fee for the Ligier European Series 2020 is 15 000 EUR exclusive of tax, i.e. 2 500 EUR exclusive of tax per race.

Entry for one event

The teams can also enter each race. The registration fee per race is 4 000 EUR exclusive of tax per race.

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